“Unveil Your Inner Queen”

Embark on a journey where elegance meets simplicity with the “Majestic Essence Miniature Kit.”

In this precious collection, we unite three exceptional treasures, each drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty regimens of history’s queens. This kit is a testament to age-old secrets of beauty and self-care, condensed into convenient miniatures. It’s more than a set; it’s an homage to the timeless rituals of beauty and self-love, all encapsulated in convenient miniatures, perfect for a moment of indulgence whether you’re traveling or enjoying a serene evening in your own sanctuary.

ALQVIMIA Queen of Hungary Water: Awaken Your Vitality

Refresh your senses with the Queen of Hungary Water, a rejuvenating tonic infused with the lively essence of rosemary, the sunny cheer of lemon, the soothing touch of lavandin, and the purifying power of frankincense. This mystical blend transcends a typical toner, offering you a wellspring of youthfulness. Celebrated for its effectiveness against water retention and signs of aging, this vibrant elixir invigorates your circulation, breathing new life into every cell, priming your skin for the nourishing steps to follow, and bestowing a radiance that defies time.

Application Mode:

Every morning, after showering, apply Queen of Hungary Water. Then complete by applying the ALQVIMIA Body Oil of your choices.


Avoid using Queen of Hungary Water under sun exposure as it contains Bergamot Essential Oil. And avoid apply on sensitive skin. **Not recommended for pregnant women.

ALQVIMIA Queen Of Egypt Body Oil : Embrace Your Regal Radiance

Surrender to the opulence of our Queen of Egypt Body Oil, a sumptuous formula enriched with the ancient essences of Frankincense and Myrrh. Feel this luxurious oil adorn your skin with velvety hydration, while exotic aroma captivate your senses. But it does more than moisturize; it triumphs in the art of revival, firming your skin as though caressed by the warm Egyptian sunbeams. Experience the surge of cell renewal, behold the visible retreat of aging, and embody confidence as your supple, richly cared-for skin commands admiration and mirrors your inner royalty.

Application Mode:

Apply with a gentle upward massage all over the body, with clean and slightly damp skin after a bath.

Bust Firming Oil: Preserve Your Poise and Grace

Cherish your form with our Bust Firming Oil, a gentle guardian proficient in toning and firming your skin’s delicate tissues. This nurturing companion not only smoothens but also reinstates balance to your bust’s natural energy, contributing to holistic well-being. It’s an ally in delaying the effects of time and gravity, ensuring your elegance and poise endure.

Application Mode:

Apply in a gentle circular massage 12 times clockwise and 12 counter-clockwise until completely absorbed. Use preferably after a bath or shower and apply to slightly wet skin.

The “Majestic Essence Miniature Kit” is a trinity of royal indulgence.

Queen of Hungary Water lays the foundation; Queen of Egypt Body Oil enriches and reigns, and Bust Firming Oil concludes with a seal of firmness and grace. Together, they compose a ballad of beauty, a sonnet to your skin, and a love letter to your inner queen.

Your reign of radiant self-care begins now.

❤️ Embrace it! ❤️