07 Body Stretch Stopper Body Oil 150 Ml

Alqvimia Body Stretch Stopper Body Oil

The Anti-Stretch Marks Body Oil is a light body oil that is easy to spread and penetrate and leaves the skin soft and velvety after application. Its composition does not have a perfume, since it only has the characteristic smell of the vegetable oils that make up the product. It is an oil that prevents the appearance of stretch marks, especially in periods such as pregnancy, adolescence, sudden changes in weight, and loss of elasticity in general. Keeps the skin hydrated and smooth with a constant cell regeneration 100% natural and WITHOUT CAFFEINE.

The Preventive Anti-Stretch Marks Body Oil is made from the purest raw materials of natural origin. Almond Oil provides elasticity to the skin, Hazelnut Oil reaffirms and moisturizes the tissues, and Rosehip and Wheat Germ Oils complete the formula, whose regenerative and nourishing, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties, respectively, promote recovery and maintenance. of skin functions.

The Preventive Anti-Stretch Marks Body Oil can be used throughout pregnancy to provide the hydration that is lost due to the hormonal changes that occur in those months and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. We also recommend the use of the Preventive Anti-Stretch Marks Body Oil for the hydration of dry and cracked skin.

Direction of Usage

Apply Body Stretch Stopper Body Oil with gentle upward massaging movements all over the body and massage the affected areas with circular movements. Apply on clean, slightly wet skin after taking a bath or shower.

We recommend rubbing the skin with Queen of Hungary water before applying the oil to enhance its anti-stretch mark action.

01 Children And Babies Body Oil 150 Ml

Alqvimia Children and Babies Body Oil

The delicate skin of our children and babies requires special care through cosmetics formulated for them. Alqvimia offers the perfect solution with the Body Oil for Children and Babies, the most suitable product for the protection and maintenance of the epidermal health of the little ones. 100% natural formula that provides hydration, nutrition, regeneration and high skin protection.

Based on the purest raw materials of vegetable origin, the Body Oil for Children and Babies is based on Almond Oil rich in oleic acid, which is essential in the formation of the cell membrane and epidermal regeneration, also resulting in stimulating defense mechanisms in the epidermis. Almond Oil also contains linoleic acid, a powerful protector of the skin’s natural barrier as it minimizes transepidermal water loss, preventing possible skin reactions to external factors. The formula is completed by a synergy of citrus and lavandin essential oils that provide natural skin protection and a subtle and stimulating fragrance for the senses of our little ones.

Direction of Usage

Apply a small amount in your hand and spread it all over the body.

After taking a shower and with the skin slightly wet, apply the Body Oil with a gentle upward massage all over the body after applying the Children and Babies Bath and Shower Gel.

Enjoy the pleasure of taking care of your little ones and experience the complete product range for Children and Babies of ALQVIMIA. They will thank you for it.