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ALQVIMIA Anti Stress Eau de Toilette


With a relaxing effect that encourages a sensation of calm and general well-being.

Bulgarian Rose Water, Orange Blossom Water, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Petitgrain, Marjoram, Lavandin

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The natural components of the Anti-Stress Eau de Toilette give it a soft and delicate fragrance. It is made from citrus and lavandin essential oils that encourage a sensation of tranquillity, general well-being and optimism making it a true pleasure for the senses.

100% Natural. This Eau de Toilette is made from a naturally sourced alcohol, floral waters of authentic Bulgarian Rose and Orange Blossom, completed by a synergy of essential oils of Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Petitgrain, Lavandin and Marjoram, which all encourage a sensation of calm and general well-being, making it a true pleasure for the senses. It is specially recommended for stress caused by physical and mental fatigue.

Direction of Usage:

Spray this natural beauty eau de toilette on your neck, wrists and, if you wish, all over your body to experience the pleasure awakened in your senses by the purest essences. Apply daily, once or several times a day.