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Alqvimia Hand Soap Wild Herbs


WILD HERBS Hand Soap has been designed to cleanse and pamper your hands with a gentle formulation containing Jojoba esters that help counteract dry hands and Dead Sea Salts that are a source of minerals and trace elements. It is enriched with essential oils of Hyssop, Thyme, Tea Tree, Lemon and Elemí that, in addition to providing their aromatherapeutic properties, give it a unique and fresh aroma. Its formulation also includes Hypericum extract and Borage extract that have soothing and regulating properties, thus contributing to cleansing and caring for the skin.




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Enveloping herbal scent that fuses intense wild notes of Hyssop and Thyme essential oil, with fresh nuances of Tea Tree and Lemon essential oil, fused with the balsamic scent of Elemi resin.Elemi resin.

Contains Jojoba particles that soothe, soften and help counteract dry hands, which together with Elderberry and Hops extracts preserve skin hydration. Enriched with Dead Sea salts that provide purifying and balancing minerals and trace elements. Its soothing, moisturising and balancing formula is particularly suitable for skin that tends to dry out and for frequent washing.

  • Tested under dermatological control.
  • Non-irritating, very good skin compatibility.
  • Presented in RPET plastic format, from recycled material, and recyclable to contribute to a circular life of plastic.

How To Use

Moisten your hands and gently massage a small amount of hand soap using circular movements, making sure of covering the entire surface of the hands. Rinse with water and dry hands. We recommend applying Perfect Hands hand cream for complete care, and the Smooth Hands and Nails Oil once a week.