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ALQVIMIA Healthy Feet Body Oil


Healthy Feet helps to improve the flow of energy in the feet, relieving the feeling of heaviness and tiredness, while deodorizing, moisturizing and pamper our feet.

Sesame Seed Oil, Almond Oil, Lemon, Coriander, Sage, Tea Tree, Lavender, Orange, Nutmeg, Lavandin, Petitgrain

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2Feet are often the forgotten parts of the body when it comes to our beauty routines. We often moisturise our skin, massaging up to the ankles, forgetting our feet. Alqvimia has created the Healthy Feet Body Oil to care and pamper our feet as they deserve, making them as beautiful as they can possibly be.

HEALTHY FEET is made from the purest raw materials of plant origin. Vegetable oils provide a high degree of softness, moisturization, nourishment and regeneration for the skin of our feet. In addition, the blend of essential oils that completes the formula not only provides a pleasant fragrance that makes the application of the product into a really enjoyable treatment, but also acts as an active ingredient, enhancing and reinforcing the skin-protecting properties of this product, along with moisturizing, relaxing, soothing and also deodorising properties. Its moisturizing properties improve the look of calluses and help to prevent them from appearing.

Direction of usage:

Apply it in the mornings and/or at night, after washing the feet. It is ideal for pedicures and foot treatments.