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Bust Firming Lotion


The Bust Firming Lotion is a luxurious blend that not only enhances the appearance of the bust by increasing skin elasticity by 3.9% and firmness by 6.9% but also boosts hydration over 20%. This soft white lotion is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin velvety and delicately scented. It reduces wrinkles in the neckline and promotes a rejuvenated look, thanks to arnica, fenugreek, and jojoba esters. Almond, hazelnut, and rosehip oils, along with a blend of essential oils, add to its regenerative and moisturizing properties, making daily breast care a relaxing experience.

Arnica flower extract,Fenugreek extract, Jojoba esters,Vegetable oils of almonds, hazelnuts and organic rosehip from Chile,Blend of essential oils

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Direction of usage:

  1. Apply small amount of the emulsion to your chest and décolletage area.
  2. Use a gentle massage with soft, circular movements until the lotion is completely absorbed into the skin.
  3. Use daily in the morning, after your bath or shower when the skin is clean and slightly damp.
  4. Enjoy the intoxicating aroma on your skin.


Note:  For complete treatment, applying Bust Firming Oil or Generous Bust Oil at night with a gentle massage using circular movements until completely absorbed.