Synergy of Essential Oils

The entire Sensuality range contains a masterful blend of the purest essential oils created especially for women. Its extraordinary formula contains the most sublime active ingredients from the plant world that Alqvimia has majestically brought together in a cosmetic range. 

Alqvimia Sensuality 系列使用了为女性特别打造的精油配方。这系列采用了纯净的精油混合当中包括了植物界里最高贵的活性成分,使女性在使用此系列的时候能够获得来自大自然的最珍贵的保护。

Bulgarian Rose

Obtained by the steam distillation of water from the petals of Rosa damascena, origin in Bulgaria.

Its petals are collected by hand, one by one, at dawn, being necessary to collect 5000 kg of fresh petals to obtain 1 kg of this essential oil. In this way, a drop of essential oil contains approximately the essence of 30 roses.

It has moisturizing and protective properties. Bulgarian Rose is associated with purity, love, ecstasy and fertility.





Mysore Jasmine

Obtained by extracting the flowers from the Jasminum grandiflorum plant, which originates in India.

In order not to damage the power of the essence extracted from its pure petals, the traditional technique of enfleurage, used in perfumery long time ago.

It has moisturizing, calming and relaxing properties. One of the most sensual, seductive and aphrodisiacal of oils for women, it brings out her power of seduction.




Neroli of Morocco 

Obtained by the steam distillation of water from the flowers of the Citrus aurantium tree, with origin in the Mediterranean.

It takes 1000 kg of hand-picked flowers to produce just a kilogram of Neroli Essential Oil.

It has a great power to moisturize and decrease stress, Neroli stimulates a pure outlook on things.





Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

This floral essential oil has warm, exotic and feminine notes. This oil has been attributed to aphrodisiacal, as well as helping to stimulate one’s libido.



Geranium Essential Oil

Its fragrance brings balance, a good mood and joy. It is powerfully detoxifying and moisturizing. The geranium represents feminine strength and power.



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