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Date: 21 Mar-20 Apr

Personality: Courageous, Confident, Honest

People born under the Aries zodiac sign people love to be winners. Their competitive nature means that they usually succeed quite well in all areas of their life. If it is a case of working harder or smarter, those under this sign will always succeed. They like to be challenged which means that their lives are rarely boring or repetitive. Their enthusiasm can also reach into the lives of those they care about, by showing them new ways to do things and pushing them to meet their own challenges and make their lives what they desire them to be. Their positivity can mean their personalities are quite magnetic, bringing excitement to everything that they touch.

Aries never does anything half heartedly, so if you are spending time with someone under the Aries zodiac sign then you will feel the full force of their zest for life. Their argumentative nature and their desire for justice means that they will stand up fiercely for their friends and partners in arguments. You can always count on an Aries sign to do and defend what is right.

Suggestion of Essential Oils for Aries:

Fresh Essential Oil Blends: Helps improve breathing, unblocking and respiration. Prevents cold and hay fever. Purifies the air.

Cypress Essential Oil: The calm and fresh woody smell of Cypress gives the stable power for Aries.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Refreshing and calming scents can help strengthen intuition and creativity.

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