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Date: 22 Nov-21 Dec

Personality: Optimistic, Fair-Minded, Intellectual

Those born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius are some of the most optimistic people in the world. They are lovers of humanity and of the human experience, making them friendly people filled with warmth. As the philosopher of the zodiac signs, they love too sharing their optimism, lifting others up from their mundane reality into discovering new worlds and possibilities to explore. There is a childlike innocence to these people; they say what they mean, are straightforward and honest, and you never have to guess about what they’re really thinking.

In all aspects of their lives, people born under Sagittarius will be creative, whether it is in work situations, their friendships, and the path that they take in life. They love new experiences and are never afraid to try new things or visit new places. They will push those around them to do new things and to make themselves grow. Their intelligence, especially their emotional intelligence, makes them great friends and listeners. They tend to be very interesting people because of their knowledge of many things, and the many stories from their travels.

Suggestion of Essential Oils for Sagittarius:

Concentration Essential Oil Blends: Stimulates concentration. Increase ability and capacity to understand, enhance the power of memory.

Lavender Essential Oil: Helps in soothing and calm the busy mood of Sagittarius.

Geranium Essential Oil : Improves inner peace of Sagittarius.

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