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Date: 21 Apr – 20 May

Personality: Reliable, Practical, Responsible

People who share the Taurus zodiac sign are usually very loyal and reliable people. Never the one to do things in a rush, they will take their time and act only once they have deliberately made their decision. The choices that they finally do make will usually be the right one. As such, they are often quite patient with others, giving them the time and space to do what they need to. Their determination and their diligence means that what they set out to do will be done well, as they don’t believe in leaving loose ends.

They are hard workers, especially when the reward is rooted in luxury, sensuality or something that invests in their future. They love to laugh and spend time with friends and family. Their love of food and anything luxurious and sensual mans that they are easy to buy for and easy to please. They are always up for experiencing these types of things with their social circle.

Suggestion of Essential Oils for Taurus:

Energizing Essential Oil Blends: Provides strength and vitality to start the day. Tones, stimulates, energizes the flow of vital energy and improve circulation.

Bergamot Essential Oil: Bergamot will make your thoughts more flexible and the scent helps you to relax.

Rosemary Essential Oil: Rosemary can create a positive atmosphere, and it is also a good source of inspiration for Taurus, which is good for stimulating creativity.

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