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Date: 24 Aug – 23 Sep

Personality: Efficient, Kind, Calm

Virgos are oftentimes humble, practical hard-workers who love to better themselves. They think deeply and can their perceptiveness means that they can always find or create order within the chaos. People who fall under the sign of the maiden are oftentimes make honest friends. Being quite discerning, they will be quick to point out your truest strengths and your weaknesses – their constructive criticism is often made out of the best and purest intentions, to help those that they care about. They also tend to give great advice because of those same talents for analysis.

Their quest of self-improvement extends to their bodies, their clothing, and their appearance. This combined with their discerning eye, means that they can be incredibly concerned about what kind of impression they give to others. They are usually happiest when they are helping others and have a generous nature, which can sometimes make them targets of those who wish to take advantage of them.

Suggestion of Essential Oils for Virgo:

Warmth Essential Oil Blend: Helps to create an attractive, enveloping, warm and magnetic environment that make us feel at home. Its aromas stimulates creativity and prosperity, calms tension and anxiety and gives inner peace.

Grapefruit essential oil: It can bring some sunshine, happiness and satisfaction to the rigorous attitude of Virgo.

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