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ALQVIMIA Anti-Cellulite Body Oil


Helps break down excess cellulite tissues, tones and minimizes “orange peel” skin, improve skin elasticity and purifying skin tissues.

Almond Oil, Lemon, Juniper, Cypress, Rosemary

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The Anti-Cellulite Body Oil is made from the purest raw materials of natural origin. Its function is to prevent and reduce the appearance of orange peel skin in areas with excess localized adiposity. It is ideal for thighs, hips and buttocks. Also, it reduces the appearance of orange peel skin, has a detoxifying effect and contributes to the activation of the areas to be treated.

The Anti-Cellulite Body Oil is based on Almond Oil, which provides elasticity and smoothness to the skin with a highly moisturizing action. The formula is completed by a synergy of Essential Oils based on Lemon, Juniper, Cypress and Rosemary that act by dispersing the accumulations of fat and fluids with a lipolytic effect in the application area.

Thanks to its unctuous texture, it nourishes in depth, while increasing the softness and beauty of the skin.

Direction of Usage:

The Anti-Cellulite Body Oil can be used both in the morning and at night after a bath or shower with slightly damp skin. We recommend preparing the skin as follows:

1. Taking a shower with the Body Sculptor Bath Gel.

2. Rub the skin with our toner Queen of Hungary Water to promote complete absorption of the product.

3. Apply the Anti-Cellulite Body Oil by massaging upwards with circular movements.