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ALQVIMIA Children and Baby Eau de Toilette


Brings a sense of cleanliness, freshness, happiness, and well-being. Fights germs and spread of infection. Relieves insomnia in children. Helps studying and concentration.

Bulgarian Rose Water, Lavender Water, Lemon, Petitgrain, Orange, Grapefruit, Lavandin

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ALQVIMIA’s 100% natural fragrances are a natural alternative for complete well-being. Its pleasant properties at a sensory level are only achieved by using the purest essential oils in the right concentration. Alqvimia’s Natural Eau de Cologne is one of the few perfumery ranges made with 100% pure and natural raw materials; they are a unique range of its kind and sublime in its creation.

The delicate skin of our children and babies requires special care through products formulated for this purpose. ALQVIMIA offers the perfect solution with the range of products for Children and Babies. The wonderful Eau de Cologne for Children and Babies provides a feeling of cleanliness, freshness, joy and well-being to the smallest of the home. Its composition highlights the essential oils of lemon and orange, which provide a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being.

The Alqvimia Children and Babies Range has a great relaxing power, and thanks to the aroma of citrus fruits, it connects emotionally with the joy of living typical of childhood. That is why we also recommend it for those adults who need to stimulate joy in their lives.

Direction of Usage

Spray this natural eau de toilette over your children’s clothes so that they experience the pleasures that these purest essences awaken in their senses. We suggest using the Children and Babies Body Oil and the Children and Babies Bath and Shower Gel to care for their skin.

Enjoy the pleasure of taking care of your little ones and experience the complete product range for Children and Babies of ALQVIMIA. They will thank you for it.