ALQVIMIA Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil


The Jasmine Absolute has been obtained from the jasmine flowers of southern India, collected in the afternoon when they begin to open and release their intense fragrance. In order not to damage the power of the essence that is extracted from its pure petals, the traditional technique of “enfleurage” was used in the past, used since ancient times in perfumery. Currently the technique has evolved and the absolute can be obtained by extraction without using animal fats as in the past.

The Jasmine Absolute also works on the mental level, as it helps purify the mind.

In addition, it is one of the most sensual, seductive and aphrodisiac essences for women, since it fosters the power of seduction for her.

Its intense and exotic fragrance, along with its properties and potency, make it one of the jewels of alchemical aromatherapy and very little is needed to exert its action.

A simple drop of this absolute brings all its properties along with its intense smell as it is extremely powerful.

Cosmetic: regenerator, deep moisturizer, restorer of transepidermal barrier.

Emotional: antidepressant, enhancer of female sexual energy, stimulates creativity, connects with the arts.


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