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ALQVIMIA Saint John’s Wort Oil


Cellular and skin regenerator for damaged tissues. Anti- inflammatory for your skin. Expedite healing process. Reduces the appearance of recent scars. Relieves sunburn. Helps ease feelings of sadness and melancholy.

St.John Wort

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We make this precious oil by meticulously following the rules of the ancient alchemists. After picking up St. John’s Wort in the right astrological moment, we leave it to macerate in extra virgin first cold pressed olive oil in the sun and in the moonlight until it reaches its characteristic ruby colour and properties; always respecting nature’s times.

Alqvimia’s St John’s Wort Extract is 100% natural and is macerated in first cold pressed olive oil. This Extract is a regenerator that has strong smoothing, moisturising, restructuring and dermoprotective effects.

Direction of Use:

Apply at night with a gentle massage in the areas we wish to regenerate.