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ALQVIMIA Seductive Man


Increases the power of seduction and attraction of man.

Provide a sense of security and stabilize emotions.

Enhance male self-confidence and open heart chakra.

Raise male awareness and presence.

Extracts of Andean Maca • Makandi Root • Black Tea • Ginseng • Sesame Seed Oil • St. John’s Wort Oil • Almond Oil • Sandalwood • Vetiver • Patchouli • Cumin • Nutmeg • Clove • Cardamon • Vanilla

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Experience, feel, attract. One of the most sublime products ever created for men: Seductive Man. A sublime and exclusive cosmetic, formulated to stimulate the senses through the incomparable aromatic power of the purest essential oils. A mysterious, intelligent, seductive, intense and yet soft and unique fragrance that develops and enhances masculine energy in all its dimensions. It provides strength, courage, and awareness and helps enhance the natural internal attractiveness of each man. The power of Masculinity, its strength, its courage, its power of attraction and its intelligence are intimately connected to the quality of your masculine essence.

SEDUCTIVE MAN, through the synergy of perfectly combined and 100% natural vegetable active ingredients, enhances, regenerates and amplifies the masculine essence. This translates into men’s increased ability to attract and allure, while also allowing for a full and supreme experience of their relations with their partners. This arises not from a place of superficiality, but from the depths of awareness and balance.

This Masculine essence can also be found in Nature, particularly in the plant world, within the essences of seeds and hardwood of certain trees. Ancient alchemical techniques and wisdom have been used to create SEDUCTIVE MAN. The end result of these technical, scientific and magical processes is a unique product with a combination of extraordinary ingredients.

Prepared with a powerful synergy of vegetable extracts (Ginseng, Andean Maca, Makandi and Black tea) and essences of seeds and exotic hardwood (Patchouli, Ginger, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cardamom and Vanilla, and others) which creates the perfect formula to enhance the masculine essence and men’s power of seduction.

Direction of Usage:

We recommend daily use after showering or bathing. Apply to the chest and abdomen in a gentle circular massaging movement.It can also be used as a perfume; just apply a few drops to either side of the neck.