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ALQVIMIA Sensuality Body Nectar Woman


Rebalance feminine energy and harmonize inner femininity. This majestic body oil help to enhance sensuality, transform emotions and increase self-esteem. Improve conditions such as menses pain, pre-menopause symptoms, irregular menstrual cycle, husband and wife relationship. It also helps glowing facial complexion and better skin elasticity.

Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil, Sesame Oil, St John Wort’s Oil Bulgarian Rose, India Jasmine, Morocco Neroli, Egyptian Geranium, Indonesia Ylang-Ylang

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Sensuality is much more than a catalyst oil for sensuality and pleasure. The continuous use of it will provide you with a balance in the feminine energy that will make you feel safer, more sensual, will awaken your senses and will take you to a world of seduction and eroticism. Created by our Master perfumers and based on the aromatherapy technique, it is one of the most sublime cosmetic products ever created for women; beauty and sensuality that you can share with your partner.

Sensuality Body Nectar can be applied to the lower abdomen to unblock the yang energy of the second chakra, where the energy of openness and joy is concentrated.Applied in the area of ??the ovaries with a circular massage with the fingers, with 36 movements to the right and 36 to the left, we will enhance the stimulating effect of the formula. It can also be part of a seduction ritual with your partner in your moments of intimacy.

Powerful cocktail of essential oils such as rose from Bulgaria, neroli from Morocco, ylang-ylang from Indonesia and jasmine from India; and pro-age skin regenerators such as rosehip and hypericum. In addition, almond oil provides elasticity to the skin, prevents skin dryness and protects the skin against external agents. Sesame oil is nutritious and has great antioxidant power. The essential oil of geranium from Egypt has an anti-cellulite, reducing and firming effect. Likewise, the Bulgarian rose, jasmine and neroli, among other essences, stimulate sensuality by rebalancing the feminine code; enhance feelings of love and happiness; they make self-esteem and inner wisdom flourish; and they provide a deep well-being that can lead to the ecstasy of the senses.

Direction of Usage:

You will achieve excellent results and amazing feelings if applied daily after your morning/evening shower or bath. With clean and slightly damp skin, perform a circular massage behind the earlobe, on the wrists, chest and lower abdomen.