ALQVIMIA Wheatgerm Oil 60ml


This product contains pure, 100% natural Wheatgerm Oil with the subtle presence of Orange Essential Oil, whose toning, calming and moisturizing properties enhance the effects of this natural oil, lending it a totally natural fragrance.

Wheatgerm is a small part of wheat grain (2.5% of its entire part) and is the part of the seed which grows into the new plant. It is the most nourishing part of the grain and contains many basic nutrients: oils, rich in vitamin E, minerals, above all zinc and magnesium, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and natural antioxidants.

In cosmetics, the most valuable ingredients for skin care are fatty acids and the vitamins provided by the oil. This oil contains palmitic acid, which is a component of the cellular tissue, linoleic acid, which reduces water loss and stabilizes the cellular membrane of the epidermis, rebalancing the skin’s moisturization and softness. It also contains linolenic acid, a precursor of prostaglandins, whose anti-inflammatory action helps maintain the lipid barrier, minimizing the deterioration of the skin from exposure to the sun – a key cause of premature aging.

Its antioxidant properties, which mainly stem from a high vitamin E content, have a highly positive effect against free radicals, while its high nutritional value makes Wheatgerm Oil an essential ally when treating dry and damaged skin. This oil is also useful in natural cellular regeneration, and is useful in the treatment of stretch lines and scars. The oil’s lecithin and carotenoid content nourishes the skin cells, yet also helps prevent moisture loss. Plant squalene, another property of Wheatgerm Oil is vital in the growth process of skin cells and is excellent aid to skin protection.

We recommend Wheatgerm Oil for use in the eye contour region – the area of the face which suffers the most from the physical movements we make throughout the day; blinking, laughing, expressing emotions, etc., these movements keep the muscles around the eyes are constantly working, contracting every second. Add stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and the passage of time, which also affect this area, and under eye bags, crow’s feet and wrinkles appear quickly. The vitamins and fatty acids in Wheatgerm Oil, with their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are excellent for protecting and restoring this area, and help to relax and lend radiance to eyes and face.


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