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The facial routine is something that we always keep in mind, daily, in the morning and at night. It is as if it were part of our day to day, something as essential as eating, sleeping or breathing. And the rest of the skin? Do you spend a few minutes of your day taking care of the skin that surrounds you?

Now that summer is coming, it is important to prepare your skin for these months of high temperatures and exposure to sunlight. The skin is the largest organ in our body, so we must have a special delicacy with all the products we use. Our skin is the direct conduit to the body, inside us, it is a connection with our deepest energy.

To achieve integral beauty we must take into account different elements, including complete self-care, dedication to our body, to our mind, to the emotions that come and go, to food, to each of our senses as well as adaptation to the different seasons of the year. For this reason, at Alqvimia we believe in small rituals that help you become aware of how important it is to be in the present and dedicate time to you and the importance of preparing our skin for these summer months.

This ritual is essential and will help you to be aware of your body to achieve well-being in addition to helping to prepare every millimeter of your skin for the next few months. For this moment, our oils are magnificent because they help to hydrate the skin, shape and sculpt your silhouette in a natural way through raw materials of natural origin.

To start the ritual, exfoliate with our Naturally Pure Body Scrub to prepare the skin thanks to its repairing power and, right after, in the shower you can use our Shape Reducer Bath and Shower Gel and our best seller Body Sculptor Body Oil, the body oil that serves so much day and night in the shower or with the skin slightly moistened when leaving the shower and in which you will find components such as Hazelnut Oil and Wheat Germ Oil, great firming and regenerating. With this oil you can reduce localized fat in addition to hydrating and firming thanks to its antioxidant properties.

To finish, choose one of our oils from the SILHOUETTE Range.

  • If you notice that there are parts of your skin that have lost elasticity and firmness, we recommend that in addition to using our Body Sculptor Body Oil, also use the Body Oil for Firm and Healthy Skin because thanks to the synergy of vegetable oils helps restore the natural elasticity that we losing with the passage of time. After showering, apply with a gentle, upward massage both morning and night.
  • If you feel that cellulite appears, you can use the Anti-Cellulite Body Oil . Sometimes we think that cellulite appears only due to weight gain, but there are many components that can help it disappear and one of them is skin care. Our Anti-Cellulite Body Oil is based on Almond Oil that provides elasticity and smoothness to the skin. By using this oil with light massages, we help that “orange peel” decrease.
  • Or for fluid retention, our Shape Reducer Body Oil the solution to that feeling of accumulation because the synergy of Essential Oils based on Lemon, Juniper, Cypress, Geranium, Cedar and Mint have reducing and lipolytic properties. You just have to apply it when you get out of the shower with a gentle massage on the areas where you feel that you retain more fluids.