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At ALQVIMIA we work to create comprehensive health and beauty experiences. We believe that beauty is the light that a balanced mind and emotions project onto the physical body . That is why our 100% natural products are made to help care for the body, mind and emotions.

We know that fitness is now part of our lives. We constantly hear messages about the importance of the body’s work to maintain and improve its strength, flexibility, speed and endurance . The options to do so are increasingly varied. Disciplines such as dance, yoga or some contact sports have been opened to numerous variations that aim to develop a more complete and functional work. 

But whatever you like to do to keep your body in shape, from ALQVIMIA we have developed products that are the perfect allies to transform your fitness session into an authentic wellness ritual .

What is wellness ?

Work and improvement of physical abilities is not enough. We live in a time with too many stimuli that easily make us lose mental and emotional balance . The stress and dizzying speed of our schedules do not give respite to our most spiritual needs.

This is precisely why people have started talking about wellness . This is to recognize the importance of the mental and emotional dimension in the search for comprehensive health . It’s true that physical activity helps stop the wheel of thought, releases stress, and puts us in a more relaxed state of mind. But we believe that wellness can go much further. That is why we propose you the perfect allies for a wellness ritual in shape.

Get ready for true wellness

Warming up is an essential element in sports practice. Preparing muscles for the work to be done is essential to avoid injury and get the most out of your training . Prepare your wellness session with the following products:

Natural Fitness body oil

A natural way to prepare your muscles for training. A combination of essential oils of rosemary, pine, chamomile, geranium and thyme to promote microcirculation, toning, oxygenation, relaxation and decongestion .

With a predominantly YANG polarity, it works on muscle tissue to warm it up before your exercise session . Although it can also help you relax after practice to avoid stiffness and pulling. A wellness supplement that gives you energy and vitality .

Rosemary alcohol

A great ally to prevent injuries and help in case of joint pain . Helps in circulatory problems, heaviness of legs and varicose veins. At the energy level it gives you confidence and energy . The perfect combination for before and after your workout.

Our Rosemary Alcohol is made with the ancient process of making the alchemical tincture of rosemary. A unique revitalizing and energetic product. Activates blood and lymphatic circulation, promoting cellular oxygenation. A wellness ally that fights physical and mental fatigue . Also useful in cases of cramps, bumps or pain.

Take advantage of your training sessions

The exercise routine demands your maximum effort. Turning it into a wellness ritual is making the most of the moment of that work. Give your body an extra boost to help it eliminate what it doesn’t need while you focus on exercising . Here is your perfect partner to achieve the results you are looking for:

Body Sculptor Body Oil

Take your training to the next level. Apply BODY SCULPTOR Body Oil to shape your body. It is a natural, caffeine-free fat burner. It helps to shape the silhouette and to eliminate both toxins and excess fat in a diuretic way. Achieve your goals, sculpt your silhouette naturally and effectively with a firming and tightening effect. Transform your fitness sessions into an authentic wellness experience .

Back to the calm

After the effort it is important to take a moment to catch your breath. The cool down helps the body pick up the pace in a controlled way . Stretching and rest are part of this phase not always valued but essential to achieve results.

A good stretch not only prevents injuries, but sends a message to the muscles to begin the recovery process that is what generates progress . It is during rest that the effort made generates gains. It is also an ideal time for wellness .

Shape Reducer Body Oil

You already know the benefits of Natural Fitness Body Oil that can help you calm down. But the wellness ritual continues after the shower with this reducing oil with a draining effect. Helps eliminate toxins or waste substances , helping to activate the lymphatic system. The ideal companion of the Body Sculptor for its purifying action.

Exercise is the first step. Keep taking advantage of the effort made by giving your body a wellness experience like you’ve never known it before

Comfort Legs body oil

It’s no secret that leg day at the gym is one of the hardest for us, especially for men. With COMFORT LEGS body oil, reaching the end of the routine can be a pleasure. Discover a new feeling of well-being with an authentic balm for tired legs . Calm down relieving the heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

Anti-Stress Aroma Blend

Rest is essential for proper recovery. It is at that moment when the muscles adapt to the stimulus that we have given them. So there is no progress without proper rest . Our Anti-Stress essential oil preparation will help you have perfect days and nights to leave behind physical and mental fatigue.

An ideal preparation to give you a good rest, a moment of reflection that completes your wellness ritual, promoting deep relaxation and strengthening emotional well-being . It is also a way to give yourself moments for yourself throughout the day.

If you prefer to continue to calm down, you can also try our Lavender Relaxing Body Oil to continue your day with a feeling of serenity and security. You can also accompany your nights with the Sweet Dreams Essential Oils Preparation to promote a deep and restful sleep that helps you achieve your fitness goals with a wellness ritual . What are you waiting for?