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ALQVIMIA Matraz Diffuser


A diffuser created to transform environments with the fragrances of essential oils.

Made with noble materials such as ceramic, with two ways of vapourisation (constant or cyclic) and an elegant, simple and natural design.

Under the effect of ultrasonic vibrations, the essential oils suspended in water are spread in an alchemical way as an aromatic vapourisation made up of millions of micro-particles.

In addition, essential oils preserve therapeutic properties since the ultrasonic waves process is cold.

This ultrasonic diffuser offers all the beneficial properties of a holistic therapy.

The aromatic molecules of essential oils surround our atmosphere acting both at a physical, mental and emotional level.

It purifies the environment, creating a relaxing atmosphere, helps create a personalised aromatic environment. The two diffusion modes allow for the suspension of essential oils in the air through a fine mist, with the benefit of humidifying and ionizing the atmosphere.

Alqvimia Diffuser Operation Instruction

On/Off (Middle)

  1. Press once to start the diffusion in continuous mode at highest fusion.
  2. Press a second time to start diffusion for 60minsand then OFF.
  3. Press a third time for an intermittent diffusion-30s ON/30s OFF- for 120mins and then OFF.
  4. Press a fourth time to switch the diffuser OFF.

Light (Right)

  1. Press once to turn the light on.
  2. Press a second time to turn the light off.

Diffusion Volume control (Left)

  1. Press once for a medium volume.
  2. Press a second time for low volume.
  3. Press a third time for high volume.

*When the water level in the tank is too low or at zero, the diffuser stops automatically.*

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