Professional Flask Diffuser & Humidifier


The ALQVIMIA Professional Flask Diffuser & Humidifier has been created to transform the aroma of Essential Oils into an ambient scents, thus bringing the energy you need to your surroundings, contributing to your harmony and

Its exterior is formed by an opaque glass dome with an elegant design that emits into the atmosphere with two mist
modes, constant or cyclical, to better adapt to the needs of each moment. The essential oils in suspension in the
water that are deposited inside, under the effect of ultrasonic vibrations, are dispersed alchemically as an aromatic
mist composed of millions of micro-particles. This nebulisation process is gentle on essential oils as the emission of
ultrasonic waves is cold, thus maintaining the structure of the essential oils and their aromatherapeutic properties.
The ALQVIMIA Professional Ultrasonic Diffuser offers all the beneficial properties of a holistic therapy, helping the
aromatic molecules of the essential oils to surround our environment, acting on a physical, mental and emotional

Two modes of diffusion, intermittent and constant.

The duration of the diffuser, when fully charged, is approximately 10 hours of continuous operation and almost 50 hours of intermittent operation.

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